Miquel Brunet is a pianist, composer and audiovisual producer.


He studies piano and harmony with Miquel Segura and the Conservatory of the Balearic Islands and jazz and contemporary music with Victor Capblanquet as well as courses in music pedagogy and choral conducting organized by the UIB.


He receives composition advice in Paris with Narcís Bonet and takes Composition Courses with Cristobal Halfter, Tomás Marco and José María Sánchez Verdú and Composition with Audiovisual Media with Eduardo Armenteros.


He participates in Barcelona in the 2nd. International Seminar of Music in Catalonia. In 1999 he participated in the II Meeting of Creators in Seville, selected by the General Society of Authors to represent the Balearic Islands.


Organized by La Caixa between 1978 and 1985, he acts as a pianist and teacher in all the schools of the Balearic Islands within the framework of the pedagogical cycle "La Caixa in schools" with the aim of bringing modern music to the classroom.


For eleven years (1978-1989), he participated in arranging, composing and interpreting various instruments with Los Valldemossa within the program Songs of the Islands, songs of the world that Sa Nostra (Caja de Baleares) sends to the schools of the Islands Balearics.


He is in charge of arranging the show "Recortes del Ignorancia", by Rafael You will be premiered in 1979 at the Teatro Principal in Palma.


He has been the pianist and musical director of the group Los Valldemossa since 1979. With this training he has performed all over the world. In addition, he has collaborated with a large number of artists: Biel Majoral, Isabel Soriano, Anegats, Coral UIB, Tomeu Estaràs & Genia Tobin, Cappelen, Cucorba, Orquesta Sinfónica de Baleares, Joan Pons, Jammie Catto, Michael Vatter, Corales de Juventudes Musicales , María José Montiel, Corazones de la Fundación Teatro Principal, Isidor Marí, The English Consort of Musick, Aires Formenterencs, Entreveus, Al Mayurqa, Taverners, Hierbas Dulces, Escuela de Música y Danzas de Mallorca, Joan Bibiloni, Toni Morlà, .. .


He collaborates with the Symphony Orchestra of the Balearic Islands making several recordings for the recovery of our musical heritage and making arrangements of the work "The daughter of the king of France" for the show "The Balearic Islands are presented" on July 22, 1994 and the adaptation of various themes for the Symphony on the Balearic Islands Day 1995 at the Teatro Principal.


In 1992 he made the presentation, composition and musical interpretation in the multimedia master of the UIB: UIB92 AN INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATION ON CD-ROM ABOUT THE UNIVERSITY OF THE BALEARIC ISLANDS AND ITS ENVIRONMENT.

He is in charge of direct sound production and audio recording at the MAX theater awards ceremony in Seville in 2000, broadcast live on the International Spanish Television Channel.


After doing the orchestration with the composer, he conducts the Ars Musicae Orchestra for the absolute premiere of the work "Al Mayurqa Clásico" by Toni Roig at the Auditorium of the Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance of the Balearic Islands.


In 2006 he was the piano interpreter of Joan Manuel Serrat's music at the Juniper Serra award ceremony that the University of the Balearic Islands presented to the Catalan singer-songwriter.


He teaches the subjects of Fundamentals of Electroacoustics and Composition with audiovisual media at the Superior Conservatory of the Balearic Islands from 2006 to 2012 and in different teaching spaces he gives lectures and pedagogical concerts on electronic music.


In 2011 he participated playing with Michael Vatter at the Opera of Gratz (Austria) in a charity event that managed to raise € 50,000 for the Menschen für Menschen Foundation, which has already integrated nine rural development projects in nine regions of Ethiopia.

In 2013 he composed and performed together with Mercè Pons the multidisciplinary show "Ombressol" for the Joan Miró de Palma Foundation.


In 2014 he orchestrated and directed the show "El Hilo de Ariadna" with the group Anegats at numerous theaters in Mallorca.


He carries out composition commissions for the theatrical world (All God in heaven, Little John, The haunted princess, Little Fear and You forgive), and also for the film-documentary: "We, the vanquished", "Passion of Emili Darder" , "Amor de Patria - Costa y Llobera", "Adonai.Els chueta de Mallorca".


Other major composition commissions are "RANDA, CUPERTINO" for the Band of Ses Salines, dedicated to the figure of Ramón Llull, LEXECOGRAFIA, for the Balearic Federation Band and Youth Choir of the Principal Theater and the Cantatas RUA OSCURA, by Cor, soloists and instrumental ensemble and TIERRA NATAL for Choir and piano with texts by Marià Villangómez, commissioned by the subsidiary choirs of the University Choir of the Balearic Islands. For this same choir, he composed Agnus Dei, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.


In 2018 he was commissioned for the work TRIFÁSICO for Orchestra and Soprano within the Manises Current Music Festival

"AND NOW WHAT" together with the composers Tomás Marco and Alberto Carretero among others. In 2019, following the order of the Banda Lira Esporlerina, he has composed HIDROESCENES for band, soprano and electroacoustic.


For more than 30 years he has been dedicated to musical and audiovisual production from his companies Ona Ediciones Musicales * (since 1990) and Onda Digital (1992-2011), of which around 400 references have been published in different media.


Currently he combines his work of interpretation and musical composition with the direction and production of documentaries, such as "Past and present of the bagpipe in Mallorca", "A musical walk through Mallorca", "Orquestrina de Algaida-XXV years", "new Romancer el Principal Theater "," Cucorba 30 years "," al-Mayurqa: Tradition and commitment "," Ferments. The sensitive map of an island ", School of Music and dances of Mallorca." So doing School "among others.


He collaborates writing articles about music for the MAGAZINE sonogram magazine.


He has received the Miguel de los Santos Oliver Prize on December 31 (OCB 2007), ARTS Prize 2005, Populares 200 Prize, the Gold Medal of the Valldemossa City Council in 2011 for his work in spreading music around the world, the Siurell de Plata 2019 together with Los Valldemossa and the Enderrock 2.020 award for the best classical album for "Misa del descreer".


Apart from the records produced for other artists in his personal discography, we can highlight:

Rua Oscura (2006) Cantata with texts by Jaume Santandreu

Dsilen6 (2011) Compilation of soundtracks for various documentaries

Chromatic connections (with Mercè Pons) 2012. Music for lighting installation, premiered in Madrid, London and Berlin to represent the Balearic Islands

Imaràntia (2013) In duet with the Formentera composer María J. Cardona.

SInergies (2013) With Guillem R. Simó. Piano and voice

Ferments (2015) A multidisciplinary reflection on the musical identity of Mallorca

Apoptosis (2019) with Marcel Pich and Guillem R. Simó

Mass of descreen (2020)

The Political Chief (2021). Soundtrack for the film La Réponse du destin



ONA EDICIONES MUSICALES (www.onaedicions.cat), is a record publisher and a music creation center with recording studios based in Bunyola.

It was founded in 1991. From 1992 to 2011 it operated under the name Onda Digital, a period in which nearly 300 references of a wide range of styles are registered and published. In 2011, Ona Ediciones Musicales returned to the original name and philosophy: to promote and spread the musical heritage of our Islands.

From 2011 to today, Onda Ediciones has published around fifty more references, in addition to carrying out various projects in the musical field (http://onaedicions.cat/onaprojects.html).

For the Ona studios in Bunyola and under the production of Miquel Brunet, artists from both the Balearic Islands and elsewhere have performed: Los Valldemossa, Coral UIB, Biel Majoral, Narcís Bonet, Hélène Giraudier, Damià Timoner, Tomeu Estaràs & Genia Tobin , Cappel, Cucorba, Taverners, Nuevo Romancero, Hierbas Dulces, Imaràntia, Lorenzo Santamaria, Hermanos Martorell, Balearic Symphony Orchestra, Joan Pons, Jammie Catto, Raul di Blasio, Doug Katsaros, los del Río, Mangu, Chorales de Juventudes Musicales, UGIS Praulins, Baltasar Bibiloni, Xavier Carbonell, Pro Música Chorus, Poema Harónico, Rodrigo Vila, Bill Carter, Puro, Anthony Rooley, Evelynn Tubb, Corazones de la Fundación Teatro Principal, María José Montiel, Tomeu Bibiloni, Isidor Marí, The Consort of Musicke, Aires Formenterencs, Nando González, Xeremiers de Petra, Entreveus, Al Mayurqa, Hierbas Dulces, Cosme Adorver, School of Music and Dance of Mallorca, Tomeu Matamales, Tomeu Penya, Toni Morlà, Julian Vaughn, Mel William ms, Wolfgang Franck, Manfred Kullmann, Michael Vatter, etc.

 With the desire that the catalog be known and internationally recognized by the Mallorcan label, ONA EDICIONS has participated regularly since 1991 in the Cannes Midem and the Womex, the two most important events in the world for the dissemination of recorded music.